AdvoCat Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Terms and Conditions

Cat Evolution created the AdvoCat Program to reward owners of the Litter-Robot™ for educating people about the benefits of the Litter-Robot™ and sharing the brand within their social and/or business circles.

When a sale of selected new, regular-priced Litter-Robot™ StandardLitter-Robot™ Connect or Litter-Robot™ Connect Classic Bundle  occurs using a unique affiliate URL or Tracking Code, the AdvoCat affiliate will be rewarded for displaying and disbursing the information to potential customers. This reward does not apply to purchases made by AdvoCats, or the members of an AdvoCat’s household, or to purchases made in which a customer receives an already reduced price, such as a wholesale customer or a pet-related business customer. The customer may also receive a promotional offer through various Cat Evolution marketing campaigns.


Purchases Which Do Not Earn An AdvoCat Reward Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Purchases of accessories,
  • Purchases of parts,
  • Purchases of cat litter
  • Purchases of refurbished Litter-Robot™ units
  • Purchases made by an AdvoCat for their own use
  • Purchases made by a member of an AdvoCats household or immediate family
  • Purchases made by an AdvoCat for another person

AdvoCats are strictly prohibited from listing Cat Evolution products for sale on the internet on their own websites, or through other channels such as, but not limited to Amazon.com, Ebay.com.au, Gumtree.com.au. AdvoCats found to be mis-using the AdvoCat Program will be immediately removed from the program.


Other Prohibited Activities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Creating a website with the intentions of promoting the sale of Cat Evolution products through your unique URL
  • Using coupon/discount websites to promote your unique URL
  • Using Google Adwords or similar services to gain traffic to a unique URL
  • Using internet marketing techniques to promote your unique URL outside of your friends, family, social followers, and/or customer circles
  • Using the words coupon, discount, promo/promotional, code, or any variation thereof in digital channels

When Sharing Your Affiliate Link, Do Not Include The Words:

  • coupon,
  • discount,
  • promo/promotional,
  • code,
  • or any variation thereof.

Any static content that includes these terms must be edited to reflect this rule.


That Includes, But Is Not Limited To:

  • YouTube video descriptions
  • Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook bios
  • website or blog posts
  • any similar static page that may be indexed by Google.

If someone comments on your post using the word save, coupon, discount, or another prohibited term, you are not obligated to delete their comment. You may respond, but you may not use any of the prohibited terms.

In place of the prohibited terms, you can say things like:

  • $30 off your purchase of a Litter-Robot™! by entering [your AdvoCat code]
  • Save $30 on the new Litter-Robot™ Connect here: [link]
  • Love the Litter-Robot™ III Open Air? Get $30 off by entering this code at checkout [your AdvoCat code]
  • Apply $30 off a Litter-Robot™ III Open Air  Connect Classic Bundle using this code: [AdvoCat Code]

Cat Evolution cannot guarantee that Advocat clients will use the AdvoCat’s unique URL when ordering. Payment reporting and payment errors are unlikely, however, if an error occurs, Cat Evolution will do its best to rectify the situation to the AdvoCat’s satisfaction.

Cat Evolution will honour its published return and warranty policies. If you receive inquiries from your clients regarding returns or warranty service, please refer them to sales@catevolution.com.au, or call 1300 350 635.


Cat Evolution Reserves The Right To:

  1. Terminate the AdvoCat Program at any time with 30 days notice.
  2. Remove an Advocat from the AdvoCat Program at any time, for any reason.
  3. Modify commission payment amounts with 30 days notice.
  4. Modify commission payment process at any time.
  5. Modify coupon discount amounts at any time with 30 days notice.


What Is OK

Sharing your unique URL or Tracking Code with friends, family, social followers and customers through social media, email, telephone call, homing pigeon or business card/flyer.

Including but not limited to:

  • Hyperlinking specific words in your blog with your unique URL
  • Sharing your URL or code within your social network
  • Sharing your URL or code on flyers, etc to customers and friends



AdvoCat commission payments will be made 45 days after the Litter-Robot™ has been shipped.  Each commission is reviewed for approval during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm WST.  If you earn commissions after close of business prior to an automated payment, those commissions will be reviewed for approval on the next business day.

Without limiting any other provision of these AdvoCat Terms, Cat Evolution reserves the right, to terminate the AdvoCat’s account at any time should Cat Evolution determine, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the AdvoCat has breached these AdvoCat Terms or engaged in fraud, dishonesty, or any other misconduct that causes harm to Cat Evolution (collectively, Fraud). If Cat Evolution determines that AdvoCat has engaged in Fraud, the AdvoCat will forfeit its entire commissions for its account and will be terminated immediately.

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