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How Litter-Robot works

Litter-Robot’s patented technology sifts your cat’s waste, so you don’t have to.
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No scooping, simplified



When kitty is finished with their business, a timer counts down allowing litter to clump.


The globe rotates and our patented sifting process separates clumps from clean litter.


Clumps are deposited into the waste drawer below, leaving a clean bed of litter.
“So easy to set up and my kitty took to it right away. No smell at all. Love not having to clean litter all the time!”
- Leigh K.

Safety & care

Sensor technology

A weight-sensitive switch detects when your cat enters and exits, recording daily activity for insights into your cat’s health.

Enhanced safety

The globe automatically stops rotating if your cat re-enters during a cycle, keeping even the most curious kitties safe.

Easy to clean

The simple modular design provides easy access for regular cleaning.

No required accessories

Our add-ons are great for customizing your Litter-Robot but any clumping litter or regular trash bag works, too.


The Litter-Robot does not require special litter or proprietary consumables like several other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market. In fact, the Litter-Robot works well with almost any clumping litter. Litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen will also work in the Litter-Robot. Alternative, plant-based litters may also work, but these tend to form looser clumps that can cause condensation in the waste drawer. The Litter-Robot is not compatible with litters that are strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose-clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based pellets.

How often you empty the Litter-Robot waste drawer depends on the number and size of your cats. For two average-sized cats, twice per week is typical. For a single cat, once per week is usually sufficient.

The Litter-Robot was designed with your cat’s safety in mind. If your cat tries to enter the globe while it is rotating, the Litter-Robot will stop immediately. The cat sensor will detect your cat (by weight) and turn off the motor. It will wait 15 seconds, then attempt to resume the cleaning cycle. If your cat or something else is still tripping the cat sensor, the Litter-Robot will not resume the cleaning cycle and a series of lights will flash indicating the problem.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

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Litter-Robot 4

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