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Change your life.
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Never scoop again with Litter-Robot—the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats.
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1 million cat parents upgraded to Litter‑Robot


Never scoop cat litter again.

Odor control

Helps reduce litter box odors.


Spend less using less litter.

Clean bed of litter

Cleaner cat paws.

Multi-cat friendly

Great for territorial kitties.

Pet monitoring

Track your cat’s health habits.
Features and Benefits

Litter-Robot 3

Features and Benefits

Litter-Robot 4

  • Self-Cleaning

    For You
    Litter-Robot takes the yucky task of scooping off your hands. Literally.
    For Your Cat
    Kitty no longer has to step on poop to go poop: A clean litter box is essential to good cat health and a happier cat.
  • Odor Control

    For You
    The automatic clean cycle and fully enclosed carbon-filtered waste drawer helps greatly reduce odors.
    For Your Cat
    Litter-Robot’s odor control helps with those picky cats that require a clean litter box.
  • Efficiency

    For You
    Litter-Robot’s patented sifting system is more efficient and saves money by using up to 50% less litter.
    For Your Cat
    That means more pocket money to spend on your furry family members!
  • Clean bed of litter

    For You
    With Litter-Robot, you’ll know those paws encounter a clean bed of litter every time. No more dirty paws around the house.
    For Your Cat
    Cats are fussy. Without a clean litter box, they might go on the rug—or hold it in.
  • Multi-Cat Friendly

    For You
    One Litter-Robot is suited for up to four cats—add more cats to your fur family with only one Litter-Robot!
    For Your Cat
    Litter-Robot disposes of all traces of its last “user” with each automatic clean cycle—great for territorial cats.
  • Pet Monitoring

    For You
    Track your cat’s weight with SmartScale®, get alerts about waste drawer levels, and keep tabs on your cat’s bathroom activity for irregularities.
    For Your Cat
    If you see a drastic change in your cat’s litter box usage, it may be time to contact the vet.
“So easy to set up and my kitty took to it right away. No smell at all. Love not having to clean litter all the time!”
- Leigh K.


There are plenty of benefits with a self-cleaning litter box. With automatic cycling, there’s a clean bed of litter for kitty to use. The best part? You don’t have to worry about scooping, ever again. Litter-Robot also helps reduce odors, keep paws cleaner, and use less litter than a traditional litter box.

Because waste is promptly removed and contained in the waste drawer, typical litter box odors will be reduced significantly with Litter-Robot. We also recommend using Superior Clay Clumping Cat Litter, which works with Litter-Robot to eliminate litter box odors. Additionally, Litter-Robot is equipped with a carbon filter near the waste drawer that absorbs odors and moisture to discourage mold growth (a major culprit of that telltale litter box smell).

Yes, we recommend up to 4 cats per one Litter-Robot; however, we do have customers with more cats using a single unit. Too many cats per single Litter-Robot may result in the litter bed not being clean for the next use. As a rule of thumb, one cat using Litter-Robot requires that the drawer be emptied once per week; two cats, twice per week; three cats, every other day, and so on.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

Never scoop again with the highest-rated WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Since 2000, 1 million happy pet parents have upgraded to the Litter-Robot!
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Litter-Robot 4

Never scoop again with Litter-Robot 4: The smartest, quietest, highest-rated WIFI-enabled, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Add a Carpet Tray to use Litter-Robot 4 on any surface.
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